Contract Assembly Service – Assemble, Test, Pick & Pack

DDC has worked with businesses in Devon, the UK and internationally for contract assembly, testing, picking and packing.  Working across a range of industries covering telecommunications, health care, sports equipment & more, DDC have the ability to take on both small batches and large volumes, with a fast turnaround at competitive prices, all whilst evidencing our customer’s CSR goals.

Our services include (not limited to)

Our customers

Working to BSI ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard we have provided solutions to organisations including the NHS, Stanley Security, Flexi-Foot, Airhead, Brown’s Bushcraft, DS Smith (Plymouth), Centrax, Ecolab & City Councils.

Within DDC’s 10,000sqft premises, we have dedicated facilities along with a controlled environment for contract electronic assembly work, including PCB assemblies and box builds in an anti-static environment.  Our space is configurable & scalable allowing us to create controlled work environments for contracts, meeting the specific needs of our customer’s projects.

From sub-assembly to retail-ready units, we have experience of assembling products from start to finish, including the packing and barcoding and shipping direct to retailers.

Our services include product & component kit assembly and packing, with the ability to test at various stages of the process as required.

As well as assembly, DDC offers packing, storage, and shipping.  Our experience, knowledge, and dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction puts you in safe hands when considering outsourcing your assembly needs.

BSI ISO 9001 Manufacturer Disability Wheelchair Products
Disability Confidient Employer

To discuss your requirements and prices and for any further information, please contact us.

We are based at:

22 Marsh Green Road
Marsh Barton
Tel: 01392 428585


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