Wheelchair Tension Adjustable Backrest and Throws











Devon Disability Collective (DDC) – tension adjustable backrest allows you to change both the comfort and look of a standard wheelchair.

The seating system is manufactured to fit any type of of wheelchair – electric or manual, we just need to know the make and size of the chair.

The complete seating system comprises of:
Full Padded Throw – to fit over the backrest and seat or
Half Throw (padded) – to fit over the backrest only
Tension Adjustable Backrest – permits the backrest to be adjusted to different tensions in order to obtain the required profile and shape.

The full throw seat canvas has velcro added in order to attach more easily and is designed to “collect” spills allowing a carer to get the client out of the chair and replace the throw with another; having 3 throws permits the carer to have one in the wash, one drying and one on the chair.

The half throw permits the user to have the tension adjustable backrest and throw whilst retaining the use of any special cushion necessary.

The throws can be made from almost any material, but we provide a standard water-resistant range as well as woolpile and pure sheepskin for those requiring extra comfort.


Tension Adjustable Backrest and Throws Product Specification: