Parking Meter Covers

We offer Parking Meter covers in a variety materials and designs, providing the highest quality for the lowest possible prices. We are renowned for our fast turn-around service, high quality UK made product and excellent value for money, not to mention you are supporting a great local Social Enterprise. This is why multiple councils across the UK trust us to supply their parking meter covers.

Durable, long-lasting materials

We use heavy duty, lightweight nylons and canvases to ensure that all our parking meter covers are water resistant, tear and abrasion-resistant, anti-fade and UV protected, meaning that they can endure all weather conditions. This is perfect for controlling parking in your local area or even at an event. Their durability mean that they perform significantly better than alternatives often used, and their reusability make them far better for the environment!

Completely customisable

Our high-grade materials and careful craftsmanship allow orders to be completely customisable. We cater for all sizes, shapes, colours and other requirements. We offer single meter hoods and half double hoods. The covers are further customisable through the printing services we offer, for logos and texts – a common request is for “Out of Service” to alert the public, or waterproof internal clear pouches for interchangeable messages (e.g. A4 pouch).  Brass eyelets, ties and a variety of finishes are all available.

Anti-theft Parking Meter Covers

We offer parking meter covers specifically designed to be anti-theft. Using anti-lock steel cable ties with one-of-a-kind padlock (one key fits all) and a streamline design to secure the covers, these parking covers deflect efforts for them to be illegally taken.

Parking machine and EV cover bungee cord and lockParking machine and EV cover Steel cable and one of a kind padlock

Solar Parking Meter Covers

Additionally, we offer parking meter covers with added with clear PVC and solar panels, popular for its environmentally friendly energy. The added benefit is that the solar energy provides a constant source of energy for the parking meter, keeping it constantly charged and lengthening the battery life.

Our parking meter covers are trusted by multiple councils and private parking companies across the UK.  Our range of parking meter covers include:

  • Amano – including Xparc Field Devices
  • ATB – including Smart Solar Powered Multi-Purpose HUB 2020 and PSA 1256
  • Berbarmatic – including Platinum Modular
  • Hub Parking – including ZEAG APS
  • Metric – including Elite LS Parking Machines and VivoPark ANPR Managed Car Park System
  • Parkeon Parking meters – including the Strada Rapide model, Evo2, Strada parking meter, bespoke and the new Parkeon Stelio models
  • SKIDATA – including skiosk Family (skiosk Lite, skiosk Smart and skiosk slim)

All other sizes, makes and models of parking meters are catered for as we are the manufacturer.

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To discuss your requirements and prices and for any further information, please contact us.

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