Bespoke Climbing Wall Crash Mats, Matting, Design & Repair by DDC

DDC has extensive experience in manufacturing bespoke climbing wall crash mats, safety matting and bouldering mats across the UK. Our CAD team can work with you on your climbing & bouldering projects, building crash mats to your vision, specification, shape and size.

We offer bespoke crash mats and matting for climbing walls and centres, custom made bouldering wall landing areas in any shape and size and help you design it for impact absorption and resilience for repeated use.

DDC have many years of industrial sewing experience, using industry leading CAD controlled machinery along with a wide range of technical fabrics, including threads that are highly durable and anti-rot, options of non-slip backings, flame retardancy as standard, and zips from reputable manufacturers able to withstand the toughest of conditions.  All matting is made in our UK factory in Exeter and shipped worldwide.

Customers generally request that the crash matting is joined together with webbing reinforced PVC backed hook and loop, this neatly covers the joins between the mats, giving a flat and even landing surface. The carpet is then laid in the opposite direction to the mat joins making it a super strong landing area.  We use Crib 5 foams that are flame retardant and can be in any combination of densities, open and closed cell providing both soft to high impact, at various thicknesses and size.

Our standard climbing matting is made up of two densities of foam bonded together, a dense firm top layer where when topped with carpet matting is easier to walk on and prolongs the life of the matting, and deep impact base layer.  This combination of foam gives you an improved landing zone that helps prevent ankle injuries.

Carpet topping for crash mats and pads not only look great but are easy to clean with a vacuum and come in a large variety of colours allowing you to achieve the finish you want and are a cost-effective option when it comes to the maintenance of your matting.

Our CAD team will optimise your designs for manufacturing, minimising material wastage and ensuring precision cutting every time. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Recent large projects include the Yonder Climbing Centre in London working alongside their excellent design team.  

Thanks noted to Yonder for the following images

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