Dip Tube Cutting Service UK

Devon Disability Collective offers a dip tube cutting service for plastic tubes, using semi-automatic pneumatic dip tube cutting machines, ensuring accuracy every time at speeds that will meet your requirements.  Our operation is spread over 10,000 square feet, giving us the ability to take on large volume runs, handling all storage and logistics requirements as well as smaller batches as needed.

Our plastic dip tube cutting services are used for cutting liquid soap dispensers, hand gel sanitiser dip tubes, perfume pumps, cleaning products, sanitising bottles, flacons and more.  Using compressed air powered cutters vastly reduces the cost and allows our customers to easily modify tubes with minimum waste.

The dip tube cutters are consistent in size and shape of cut ensuring precision every time. The cut is concave and is ideal for most uses.

  • Maximum diameter dip tube cut: 10 mm
  • Maximum length of dip tube cut: 260 mm

Trimming & Adjusting Dip Tubes on Existing Pump Tops & Sprayers

The majority of bottles and tops are sold individually which helps businesses customise packaging, and generally one top fits many different sized bottles, it is common that dip tubes need to be adjusted to fit inside bottles to minimise waste, especially bottles with concave bases.  We can work with you in the testing process and help you find the perfect modified size.

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