Secura Wheelchair Retaining Belt

Secura Wheelchair Retaining Belt Secura Wheelchair Retaining BeltSecura Wheelchair Retaining Belt


The Secura-Belt wheelchair occupant retaining belt is designed to fit the vast majority of wheelchairs currently in use today. The belt is designed to retain the occupant within the wheelchair who could, as a result of their disability, lose their balance and fall or slip from the chair when in motion.

The Secura-Belt (tamper-proof) buckle mechanism offers added security to the user as it can be locked into position when adjusted such that there is visible evidence for carers and health workers that the belt has not been tampered with or disturbed. The buckle complies with guidance from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and, together with our use of flame retardant webbing, offers a major safety benefit to all users.

The Secura-Belt is only available to purchase from Devon Disability Collective.


Secura Wheelchair Retaining Belt Product Specification:

Secura Wheelchair Retaining Belt