We manufacture pheasant saddles to your specification in small to large volume in tough fabric.  This breeding aid will help protect your hens backs from feather pecking and further from treading cock birds in the breeding season.

As recommended in the UK Game Farmers’ Association Newsletter, our Pheasant Saddles are made out of a premium tough cordura 1100 denier material, which are machine washable.  Our product is designed to last and made in the UK by people with disabilities and those furthest from the labour market.  Light grey colour or black

What is the purpose and why should you use pheasant saddles / breeding jackets?

These breeding aids will help protect your hens backs from feather pecking and further from treading male birds in the breeding season. Repetitive pecking or picking that opens wounds or results in the removal of toes. In chicks, toe and beak picking are common, while vent, wing and head picking more frequently occurs in older birds. Open, bleeding wounds (when visible) cause the birds to attack again, and they will keep attacking until the victim is fatally injured or killed.  All gamebirds practise this sort of behaviour in captivity, but pheasants are by far the worst.

In all cases premature death is unnecessary, but this is a common problem which causes 1000’s of deaths for breeders each year, a simple yet tough pheasant saddle / jacket will prevent the majority of these attacks.

A writer from the Game Farmers Association noted in their newsletter:

“The GFA has no written opinion on pheasant saddles but having trialled some last year, in my grass based laying pens, and seeing the quality of the back feathers in late June, in a year that started so wet and cold and finished in a drought, I intend to fit them to a larger number of hens this year.

I came across Devon Disability Collective who make these saddles.  They are made by highly skilled sewers who would normally be considered furthest from the labour market due to their disabilities.  They are made from 1100 denier premium cordura, not cheap canvas or denim. They should last three seasons and are machine washable.”

At DDC we can manufacture a wide-range of products for game, poultry and bird and anything else that include sewing and contruction to your specification using the best materials for the job at the lowest possible prices.

We further ship to Europe and Worldwide.  To discuss your requirements and prices and for any further information, please contact us.  We further can manufacture all other sewn products.

If you are a farmer and would like to buy direct, we have a minimum order quantity of 100 units.

For Volume orders, i.e. 500 plus, please contact us for a quotation.

Buy Online – Ex VAT price £1.80

We are based:
22 Marsh Green Road
Marsh Barton
Tel: 01392 428585
Email: enquiries@devondisabilitycollective.org

Devon Disability Collective – is a Social Enterprise that provides quality employment and training to people with disabilities and those furthest from the labor market through our own commercial enterprises.

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