Foam Cutting Service

Foam can be supplied to almost any size and shape and to a range of densities. From standard foam as well as luxurious memory foam to chip foam that can be almost as hard as wood.

Our full range of materials is too vast to list here but the main categories are…

Combustion Modified a vast range of densities and hardness’s, designed to meet all types of furniture applications.

Visco-Elastic (Memory) Foam originally developed for NASA to ensure the comfort of astronauts encountering massive G-forces, this material is now widely available to us all. Memory foam moulds itself to the shape of your body, and so distributes body weight more evenly than conventional foams.

Chip foam this is recycled material, made by chipping waste from various grades and reforming it into blocks that can then be used again. With a range of densities, this material has uses such as high load bearing components within furntiture, sports equipment and within the packaging industry.

Standard Polyethers used for items such as bath sponges and packaging.

Polyester foams for use in packaging and display, cosmetics, medical, automotive and consumer applications. Some of these grades offer better resistance to oils and solvents, as well as being more light stable.

Other Specialised foams, examples are reticulated, high load bearing, acoustic, impregnated (higher fire resistance), anti static and conductive foams.

Add to this our extensive range of fabrics, leather and vinyl in a variety of colours and you’ll have an immensely competitive service you’ll find hard to turn down!

Our quality standards and workmanship are excellent, and frequently complimented.


To discuss your requirements and prices and for any further information, please contact us.

We are based:
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Marsh Barton
Tel: 01392 428585

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