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Over the next year will see significant change for Exeter Community Initiatives. We are planning to build our existing work into 4 areas of development so we can continue to make an impact on the most vunerable in Exeter:

  • Housing and mentoring – working with St Petrock’s and other charities to respond to homelessness and build on the work of Transitions. There is a critical need for additional and crisis housing in Exeter, which we are proud to be working with St Petrock’s to try and address. Volunteer and peer support is also a much needed complement to paid support to bridge boundaries and allow people to help one another.
  • Families – supporting vulnerable families through Devon Family Resource. There is a complete lack of preventative support for primary aged children and our service is much needed.
  • Urban Skills Centre – building on Jelly and the Bike Bank into an innovative skills project for the City. We are excited to be developing this project to give people skills through practical work alongside a creative intervention to ‘shock’ them into an empowered state, ready to learn.
  • People & Communities – building on Ripple Effect and The Listening Project to support social action and community organising across the City and groups of people. At the end of our mission statement we state that we believe in the power of community, mutual responsibility, support and understanding: and we wish to ensure that this power is understood and realised. We’re in challenging times and people need to come together not only because it addresses key social needs, but because it makes us a stronger and more powerful voice.

If we succeed we will be making a difference for Exeter and we are asking everyone to help us on this journey. Please contribute financially through our Friends of ECI scheme or volunteer your time.

We would love to hear from commissioners or funders that have identified the same issues and are struggling to identify the solutions. We can work with you to address the issues in a meaningful way. Please make contact with us.

Or perhaps you are a possible partner and would like to be involved in the development process. If this is the case please email us