Summer Mixed Pack. 5 or 10 With Elastic – Double Layered 100% Cotton Surgical Style Pleated Reusable Face Masks V2


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A pleated double layered surgical style barrier face mask that follows the AFNOR pattern for shape as recommended by BSI.  This high quality mask with adjustable metal nose piece is 100% cotton, environmentally friendly, designed to be washable / re-usable and manufactured in the UK.

Mixed Pack of 5 or 10 with elastic.  5 Pack contains; 1 rainbow, 1 blue, 1 brown polka dot, 1 black, 1 navy polka dot.

10 Pack contains; 1 rainbow, 2 black, 1 navy polka dot, 1 purple polka dot, 1 blue, 1 dark pink, 1 light pink, 1 brown polka dot, 1 white

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