We’re Excited To Have Been Given a New Business!

Introducing KINDSEAT – The Adjustable Meditation BenchThe Kindseat, a creation of Jonathan Dawson, was conceived from the question in 2008 “Could a meditation seat be built, based on a suspension design with adjustable height, lightweight and easily carried?” Over 4 years later, the Kindseat was successfully launched in August 2012 to acclaim from many experienced meditators. The first design, suspended from the top of two folding pyramids revealed the variable tilt feature. Many designs and materials were explored, until in the last year a viable design, produced on a high precision machine and hand-finished was finally honed and complete. 100’s of Kindseats have been sold all over the world since its launch.Jonathan Dawson’s background is in engineering which has gave him the inspiration and skills needed for this project. He has been meditating for over 30 years mostly within the Buddhist tradition. Jonathan said; “I decided to hand my business on to Devon Disability Collective for a number of reasons. I have been working on the Kindseat for 10 years and have had many people write to me to say how much difference the Kindseat has made to their lives through being able to meditate more effectively. I am so happy about this and want the Kindseat to continue being in the world. However, I am now over 65 and want to retire. DDC have made all the Kindseat cushions for me, so I arranged a meeting to see if they would be interested taking over Kindseat. I am delighted that they are and that ‘my baby’ will be in safe hands. I am also really pleased that this new project will give opportunities for more people with disabilities to be supported by DDC.”Steve Gallin, DDC’s Operations Director said; “having such a brilliant product given to us is amazing and really generous of Jonathan, it is a gift that will certainly keep on giving”. “Support for us since we started has been phenomenal and we are really grateful to everyone that has offered us their help, with the growth we are experiencing, we are proud to be a UK manufacturer in Exeter exporting products around the world.You can find out more at www.kindseat.co.uk & www.devondisabilitycollective.org

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